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Will you 52?


Start making a list of people who have touched your life. Really think about it. Reflect. Some may be in big ways and others may be with a gentle smile you needed during a bad day. Your list may start out with 4 names, but keep reflecting and growing it to reach 52.  


Select a person of the week and get started! I do mine randomly, but you can also allow for the Spirit to move. Choose areas to pray for and split them up across the week.


Write a Thank You note to that person. Think of how special you feel if you get an unexpected thank you card in the mail. Now think of how special you can make 52 people feel with your thoughtfully written thank you cards.

Let's hear from you

We asked recipients to describe in one word how they felt when they received their card and benefits of participating in 52 Thank Yous.


Helps me to be focused in recognizing the blessing of others in my life

Good exercise to reflect on appreciating people that have impacted your life

Staying connected on an intimate level with those you love but don't see/interact with on a regular basis

Keeps me from taking what others do for granted  

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